About Arman Khalili

Repeat entrepreneur Arman Khalili leads Harbor Ridge Capital, LLC, as one its executive advisors. Khalili, who served as the co-founder and Vice President of Sirius Solutions/Connections, Inc., one the Bay Area’s first ISPs, has made a name for himself in the technology start-up industry due to the early success of that company, as well as subsequent ventures.

Among his most notable professional accomplishments, Khalili served as CEO and founder of NeXTLayer, Inc., where he helped design the first secure e-mail ASP. In this position, he was able to raise seed funding to finance the boutique e-mail service, which emphasized secure groupware and messaging.

Following his time at NeXTLayer, Arman Khalili served as the founder and CEO of UnitedLayer, LLC. UnitedLayer operated as the largest retail colocation provider in the San Francisco area. He held a wide array of responsibilities, ranging from recruitment and training of the sales, engineering, and operations teams to strategic partnerships with clients and vendors. Khalili remained a part of UnitedLayer’s management team through 2010, when he sold the company.

At present, Khalili serves as the Operational Advisor to Harbor Ridge Capital, LLC, a firm that advises lower middle market growth companies. The firm focuses on verticals in the technology sector, including Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIPs), cloud hosting, and managed technology services, among others. Harbor Ridge offers strategic advice on expansion capital, buyside research and due diligence, and mergers and acquisitions.

Outside of his business pursuits, Arman Khalili has served as a part-time instructor in computer programming with California State University Fullerton and the Extension School at the University of California, Los Angeles. A graduate of San Francisco State University, Khalili enjoys cooking and watching movies in his free time.


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